French linens from the era of Napoleon III (1852-1871) are rare and highly sought after. Even more rare is to find a complete set in perfect condition, as is this 13-piece set, recently found in and imported from Germany. One fine linen damask tablecloth and 12 large matching napkins comprise this exquisite ensemble. The color scheme is red and a dull mustard gold on lustrous white pure linen--perfectly beautiful for an outdoor table or a casual dinner party.

The size of each napkin is 25 1/2" x 31", and the tablecloth measures 60" x 93". The napkins denote a rather large luncheon or dinner size, although the tablecloth is "small" for 12 such large napkins. We have had sets such as this, which actually included two matching tablecloths of differing sizes -- one large for the dining table and one smaller for the buffet or other table. It's possible that this set also at one time a long time ago included a larger tablecloth.

Nevertheless, this set is beautiful, and the linen fabric and the red cross-stitched "LC" monogram are great!

These linens are in amazingly excellent condition, considering their advanced age.

1 tablecloth, measuring 60" x 93"
12 napkins, measuring 25 1/2" x 31" each.

LC tablecloth set

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