From a Paris home, here are two perfectly beautiful, white antique handkerchief linen, half-circle pillowshams for baby's crib or pram. Both are white--one with blue accents and appliqué, and the other with white accents and appliqué. They close in the back with perfect and matching tiny buttons, and the only flaw to be noted is that on the sham with the blue trim, there are two very tiny discolorations under the placket on the back to the right of the button. (Please see picture at left.)  

In the European fashion, one of the shams (the all-white one) is embroidered in red on the placket in back, with the infant's or mother's initials.

1 blue-trimmed sham, measuring 23 ½" across the bottom and 18 ½" high, and
1 all white sham, measuring 20" across the bottom and 14 ½" high.

French half-circle shams for crib or pram

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